Algarve Stag Night - Ideas for Planning a Memorable Algarve Stag Party

Published: 17th April 2009
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I know, I know, most of you out there are saying to your selves, "A stag do in Algarve, where in the bloody hell is Algarve?" For those of you that do not know Algarve is situated in Portugal and if you're even half sincere about having an unforgettable stag do then you need to keep reading to see why Algarve is the destination for the unsurpassable stag do. After all it's the most popular tourist destination in Portugal.

For those of you who want to have a stag do in Algarve might we suggest that you go and stay in the Albuferia area. Albufeira is the destination to arrange your base of operations with you and your mates. This is the true home of entertainment as it's located in Algarve's most thriving and tourist dense area. It has everything from street markets and shops, to world class restaurants and café-bars to the absolute best bars and discos. You can literally walk to any where for fun! No need to drive!

Where do we even begin when we talk about the games that you can plan for your stag do in Algarve? For starters I guess it would depend on what your flavor is, adventure or leisure? If adventure is your activity then consider making plans to go yachting or surfing. Or possibly you feel the need to race in order to earn bragging rights? If that is the case then consider racing off road with some quads or get your need for speed from racing hi level go-karts. These hi level pro karts are not for the faint of heart, trust us. Last but not least, possibly you want to do a little hunting and then blow your mates arse off, get your kicks with a full round of paintball games and earn the right to call him a looser.

Now if a more leisurely stag do is your flavor then consider a exceptional 18 holes of golf followed by an indulgence at a spa with a follow on get down to to a massage parlor. Finish of the leisurely day with a entertainment filled get down to to one of the local cafe-bars.

Last but not least you must take the time to actually research your best bet when it comes to the final stop of the evening for your stag do and that of course is the Gentlemen's club. There are heaps of choices available to you so choose wisely.

By arranging your parties and taking the time to actually do them you can pretty much guarantee that you and your mates are going to have a stag do in Algarve that you are not soon going to forget; unless of course you consumed massive amounts of alcohol, at which point, you likely won't remember anything.

At all our organised Algarve stag nights comprise a huge range of accommodation, activities such as rally driving, pistol shooting, zorbing, restaurants, bar tickets and transfers.

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