Tallinn Stag Do - Things to Consider When Arranging a Fun Packed Stag Night in Tallinn

Published: 20th March 2009
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A stunning and ancient town, containing a picturesque "old town" in the centre of the town, Tallinn is one of the most integral ports in the Baltic area. Recently however the town has become something of a hotspot for weekend visitors, eager to sample the cheap beer, wonderful girls and fantastic times that are almost assured in this growing and friendly town. A Chillisauce stag weekend around Tallinn is a sure fire way to ensure that your stag weekend goes with a bang, rather than a whimper!

Things to do in Tallinn

Well, what is there to do in Tallinn? What's not to do is perhaps a more pertinent question because with Chillisauce, you can pretty much set the bar as high as you like and we will exceed it every time. You like shooting? We can organise paintballing for you or if that is not difficult enough, why not try a handgun on the shooting range? If that is still too tame, A shotgun perhaps? Maybe an AK47? You can even organise a mock "arrest" for the stag which is sure to offer plenty of great pictures for when you get back home. You can pop on the overalls and dash about the go kart track, or take to the countryside atop a quad bike. Real adrenaline junkies will love our early death cave bungee jumping while you can also take part in some gentler challenges such as archery, five a side football, a classic Swedish massage, or one of our favourite challenges, an erotic massage by a stunning trained erotic masseuse that "relaxes and excites". How thrilling it is will likely be self-evident by the end of the 45 minutes of bliss...

Tallinn's Nightlife

Tallinn is a location for the lover of the classic stag weekend and Tallinn does it spectacularly well. We run a variety of meal options that offer a differing sample of this stunning town, all in tasteful surrounding and well used to that unique attitude of a stag weekend. For something that little extra special why not try a stag stripper dinner where not only will you get some tasty dumplings on the plate, but plenty to view whilst you eat too. No stag weekend is every complete without a pub crawl and us at Chillisauce can offer you Tallinn's finest, an old town bar crawl with all the trimmings, including a sexy Estonian guide who will guide you around the cities most popular bars, haunt of the sexy and available in Tallinn and five beers per person included in the price! Not only that you get VIP entrance to a lap dancing bar and a complimentary private dance for the Stag! I guess things are still exceedingly much value for money behind what was the old Iron Curtain!

Getting Around

If you must choose to see more of Tallinn then the town is like many other European cities in that it offers a well run, well confirmed Public transport system that involves trains, trolley-buses and trams that allow easy access to all areas of the town. Taxi's are also freely available, but are more high-priced than public transport and it is always advisable to agree on a set fee for the journey before climbing into the cab. Remember that if you book any of our challenges then transport to and from the venue is often included as part of the Chillisauce service! This means less time worrying about transport, and more time deciding which beer to try next!

To conclude...

Estonia is a wonderful country of friendly people, and Tallinn is a fine example of this. A historical town that has shrugged off the shackles of repression and began to blossom as a real dinner venue in the Baltic area. More and more people are discovering the unique delights of Tallinn for their stag night; we genuinely recommend that with the assist of Chillisauce, you must do exactly the same!

At Tallinnstagparty.co.uk all our organised Tallinn stag party packages include a huge variety of hotels, events such as rally driving, quad biking, buggies, meals, club entry and transport.

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